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3. Flores declined to say how many patrons the casino saw during those off-hours, or how much the casino brought in between the hours of 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. compared to normal hours of operation. Hollywood Casinos main competition, Oxford Casino, which is about a two-hour drive south on Interstate 95, has been a 24-hour operation since it opened for business in the summer of 2012 . Hollywood wont close the door on trying this experiment again, Flores said, but, he added, customers should expect to see normal hours of operation for the foreseeable future. 2014 wasnt a banner year for Maines casinos, but it was steady. Hollywood Casino brought in $54.44 million in net revenue in 2014, $46.4 million at the slots and just over $8 million at the tables. That net revenue total is down slightly $220,000 from 2013s take. I think that indicates a bit more stability in the gaming industry in Maine, Flores said.

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Member Center: TRIAL: Prosecution begins closing arguments Defendant Milton McGregor and his legal team. Afederal prosecutor in Alabama's gambling corruption trial says the defendants conspired to pass pro-gambling legislation because electronic bingo machines were making millions of dollars. The opening arguments began Wednesday morning with prosecutor Edward Kang pointing at VictoryLand casino owner Milton McGregor and saying he was trying to line his pockets with money. He pointed out that McGregor's business interests had more than $40 million in income in 2009 when VictoryLand's casino was open and lost more than $4 million in 2010 when the casino was closed. Kang said McGregor's lobbyists and others joined in the scheme because it was a gravy train for them and four senators agreed to help because it was a quick source of campaign funding. Defense attorneys will present their arguments after the prosecution finishes. (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.) Trending StoriesTrending Stories More>> Updated: Tuesday, January 10 2017 10:51 PM EST2017-01-11 03:51:42 GMT The mother of a 5-year-old girl found dead in the North Canton/Jackson Township area Tuesday has been charged with murder. Tuesday, January 10 2017 8:57 PM EST2017-01-11 01:57:29 GMT Dylann Roof made his own closing argument to the jury. (Sketch: Robert Maniscalco) A federal jury decided the man convicted in the 2015 Charleston church shootings should be put to death. Tuesday, January 10 2017 6:51 PM EST2017-01-10 23:51:08 GMT Dylann Roof (Source: Facebook) The jury has decided to give the 22-year-old man convicted of murdering nine African-American parishioners the death penalty.

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