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Most of the time she just wants to go to the track to play the slot machines." Viola Davis Remembers Late Father While Getting 2017's First Star on Walk of Fame Among the list of accolades Davis has garnered thus far, she said that receiving the Hollywood star in front of family and friends was "pretty spectacular." "That was pretty spectacular to look at my family in the audience and my friends and to have Meryl Streep introduce me and those words were so emotional," she said. Davis' passionate performance in the heart wrenching American-working class film, "Fences," shows off Davis' talents, as well as the story of everyday black men, like her own father. "I feel that that's what's missing in general with films about people of color is that is kind of exalting that everyday man. And he groomed horses at the race track they were some of the famous most famous horses now, and he was a janitor at McDonald's. And this is a man who didn't know how to read and write until he was 15." Davis stars on ABCs hit show, "How To Get Away With Murder," as Annalise Keating -- a passionate and unpredictable law professor and defense attorney entangled in a web of lies, deceit and broken relationships. Despite her tumultuous relationships, one of her strongest bonds was with Wes, Keatings student and practically surrogate son who died in an explosion at her home in the show's winter finale. Now, without that family dynamic for Davis role, the question is -- will it change her character? "I have my fantasy that that's going to catapult her into kind of wanting the best for the rest of the Keating five and needing -- really needing -- them all to stay alive, Davis explained. "I'm waiting for it to get better.

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For the families of the aircraft's 227 passengers and 12 crew members, that's a particularly bitter prospect given the recent acknowledgment by officials that they had been looking for the plane in the wrong place all along. In December, the transport bureau announced that a review of the data used to estimate where the plane crashed, coupled with new information on ocean currents, strongly suggested that the plane hit the water in an area directly north of the search zone. But Australia's government rejected a recommendation from the bureau that crews be allowed to search the new area to the north, saying the results of the experts' analysis weren't precise enough to justify continuing the hunt. The three countries' transport ministers reiterated that view in their statement Tuesday, noting: "Whilst combined scientific studies have continued to refine areas of probability, to date no new information has been discovered to determine the specific location of the aircraft." The lack of resolution has caused agony for family members of the flight's passengers, who have begged officials to continue the hunt for their loved ones. "The whole series of events since the plane disappeared has been nothing but frustrating," said Grace Nathan, a Malaysian whose mother was on board Flight 370. "It continues to be frustrating and we just hope they will continue to search. ... They've already searched 120,000 square kilometers. What is another 25,000?" Investigators have been stymied again and again in their efforts to find the aircraft. Hopes were repeatedly raised and smashed by false leads: Underwater signals wrongly thought to be emanating from the plane's black boxes.

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